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Pool Repair, Cleaning & Installation

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Electricians & Plumbers...

Hospitality & Retail



Bars - Restaurants

Catering - Banquet & Events


Agency & Tour Operators

Travel Clubs & Cruise Ships

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Nail, Hair & Spa

Clothing & Specialty Boutiques

Marine Service Business


Yacht Sales - Parts - Marinas  

Provisioning Detailing - Yacht Wear

Maintenance -Contractors  

Recreational Rentals

Chandleries Charters 

Anything Marine...

On-Line Retailers


We have partnered with a number of responsive and reliable internet based processing companies.  Our partners offer competitive pricing models, payment gateways, integration solutions into your current shopping cart/gateway, virtual terminals, POS equipment, and more.

High Risk Merchants


There are many levels of risk with banks & processors which define high risk differently.  Factors that can contribute to being classified as a high risk merchant are sales & marketing techniques, subscription &/or membership services, discount clubs,  Multi Level Marketing, sales volume, product & service type, future delivery & service and others can contribute.   

and some others...


International Processing

Multi-Currency Processing

Chargeback Monitoring

Business to Business


Non Profit Organizations

Whatever your needs, Even More Payments is here to support & partner with you.


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When it comes to payment processing, we find the best solution for you. We have access to leading edge technology, superior customer service, and the tools  to help you grow your business and profits.

Even More Payments is the right choice for all your processing needs. We value transparency, honesty, innovation and never stop looking for solutions to better serve all our clients.

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